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Chris Keene is a painter, sculptor and computer graphics artist. His cast bronze sculptures are displayed in public places from Los Angeles, California, to Ottawa, Canada, with smaller works residing in private collections across North America. Gallery exhibits in major metropolitan areas include New York City, Toronto Canada, Los Angeles California, and the prestigious Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. 

The following pages are samples of an extensive career that is continually evolving. However, there is a common thread within Keene's paintings and sculptures and that being his ability to reveal a story or message that is universal.  Initial concepts for each painting or sculpture incorporate the artist's digital knowledge from his time with the  Walt Disney Studios (Feature Films and Animation).

Computer Models

Christopher Keene, Chris Keene

"Chris has a background in traditional sculpture and is able to successfully transfer those skills to digital technology for the computer graphics industry. To find someone with a true artistic talent and traditional art education is quite rare; everyone wants to do things digitally without knowing and understanding basic art. Chris has the natural 'artistic' eye when it comes to texture, color, and lighting and is quite an asset to the film industry." ...Hoyt H. Yeatman, Director/Academy Award Senior Visual Effects Supervisor.



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Christopher Keene