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A cross-section of work created by Keene while working at the

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An enlightening display of taditional and contemporary 

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A magnificent collection of videos highlighting the artist's film accomplishments.

Christopher Keene Paintings

Chris returned from Los Angleles, California  to Toronto, Canada in 2011 to return to his artistic roots, but soon opted for a less hectic pace of city life, to a home in the magnificent  cottage area of Muskoka .

The abundance of wilderness and animal life around him soon became the driving influence in his work.  Foundry casting costs for bronze sculptures have risen dramatically over the years so Keene turned to acrylic paints on canvas as his creative medium.  His love for photography and computer graphics skills from Disney are some of the techniques Keene utilizes to create his distinctive compositions.  Currently, his paintings are focused on the interaction of man and wildlife forcing the viewer to question whether it is reality or fantasy?

Christopher Keene, Chris Keene
Christopher Keene Sculptures

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Christopher Keene


A stimulating array of unique

paintings that are only limited by the artist's imagination.